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What You Need To Know About Motorhome Types And RV Classes

Explore everything you need to know about motorhome types and RV classes in our comprehensive guide. Discover expert tips for selling your RV quickly and learn why A1 RV Buyer offers the best hassle-free cash deals.
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RV Classes: Types of Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

We have been asked if a Class C recreational vehicle (RV) is cheaper, or possibly worse in some way than a Class A or B. This is not the case, but since it can be confusing we decided to write this blog post. In this blog post we will define the classes of RVs, Motorhomes, and types of Towable Trailers. Looking to sell an RV in Southern California? Then contact us for a same day cash offer.

Motorhome RV Classes

There are three levels of motorhome RVs (Recreational Vehicles). Class A motorhomes are large and bus style, Class B are like camper vans, and Class C motorhomes have a truck front end.

Class-A RVs : Coach Style Motorhomes

alt text
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Class A RVs are defined by their large bus / coach shaped design, similar to a touring band’s tour bus. Typically, they are between 20 to 45 feet in length, even though some may be longer. On the large size they may sleep up to 8, or even 10 people.

These large rigs can be either gas, or diesel powered, and can run a high fuel bill due to their large size and heavy weight. Those with the least fuel efficiency may only get 6 miles per gallon.

The advantage of owning a Class A motorhome is the wide range of sleeping accommodations, with separate spaces allocated for; the kitchen, dining, living, sleeping, and bathrooms. People often choose from leading brands such as, Winnebago, Fleetwood, and Tiffin.

If you are looking to sell your Class A motorhome or RV in Southern California, consider contact A1 RV Buyer for a same day Cash Offer. We provide a no-obligation and hassle-free selling experience. We come to you, and handle all paperwork, while providing the best cash offers in the area*.
*We are a trusted RV Trader in Southern California, buying RVs, Motorhomes, and Trailers in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego County, and surrounding areas.

Class-B RVs : Camper Vans

Class B RV Camper Van Selling Is Easy with A1 RV Buyer
Selling a Camper Van in Orange County is easy with A1 RV Buyer!

Made popular by the famous Volkswagen Camper, the Class B are perhaps the smallest and most agile rigs out there. Often referred to as camper-vans or sleeper vans. Even with their compact size they pack everything you need for your travels, including; a bed, toilet, small kitchen, and ample storage. A great choice for fuel efficiency, and and easier driving experience.

Your Class B camper is more nimble, and some say more adventurous than their Class B and C counterparts. They are able to journey to more remove areas that larger classes of recreational vehicles may not be able to.

While the iconic VW Westfalia Camper is no longer in production in the United States, there are plenty of excellent alternatives to choose from. Leading Class B campers include; Sportsmobile, Roadtrek, and Winnebago.

We can’t all afford the high-end models, such as the Winnebago Boldt (starting at $245,587), but there are new and used models for all budgets.

To sell your used Class B camper contact A1 RV Buyer for a hassle-free cash offer. There is no obligation, and we are know to provide the most cash, and an easy selling experience throughout Southern California.

Class-C RVs : Truck Chassis Campers

Class C RV Camper Van Selling Is Easy with A1 RV Buyer
Selling a Class C Motorhome in Los Angeles County is easy with A1 RV Buyer

Defined by their truck chassis and front end styling, these RVs are more fuel efficient than Class A motorhomes. These campers are easier to drive than large coach style Class As, with the same interior comforts. They are typically more affordable also, albeit with less sleeping space.

Many great Class C models are available, including affordable used options, to luxury and custom high-end ones. Some brands and models to keep in mind are; Forest River Leprechaun Class C Motorhomes, Freedom Elite (23 foot), and Dynamax Europa (at a whopping $309,610 MSRP). For affordability in the Class C space we like the Fleetwood JAMBOREE line of campers.

Remember when looking to sell your Class C RV in Orange County, and surrounding areas call A1 RV Buyer for a no-obligation, same day Cash Offer! We buy all sizes, all conditions of Campers, Motorhomes, and Travel Trailers.

Bus & Coach Conversions

Bus Conversion Motorhomes
Image source: Newell Coach Pre-Owned Inventory (2019 Newell Coach P50)

We didn’t want to leave out bus and coach conversions. Popular for the do-it-yourself community on a tight budget. Bus conversions are not just adorable and livable DIY creations in the Van Life community, they also stretch to the million dollar class of luxury custom coach conversions, such as offered by Newell Coach, and Prevost Motorhomes.

Towable RV Classes

Towable trailers required a separate vehicle to tow them, and the larger and heavier the trailer the more powerful that vehicle needs to be. Your best bet for safety would be to use a one-ton truck at the minimum, although some trailers may be fine with a half-ton. Of course there are some very lightweight trailers that can be pulled by an SUV.

Pop-up Trailers

Rockwood Tent Pop-Up Camper
We buy used pop-up campers throughout Southern California. A1 RV Buyer.

The cheapest, and lightest in this list would be pop-up campers, which feature canvas sides that have to be manually unfolded to use. A bit like a cross between a basic travel trailer and a tent.

Pop-up trailers may be the most affordable to get started with your adventures, and while very modest they may allow your to venture into the most remote areas, where RVs and large travel trailers are unable to go. For a review of the best pop-up trailer brands have a look at this article on RV Blogger. Forest River offer the Flagstaff Tent, and Rockwood Tent pop-up campers.

Travel Trailers

We Buy Travel Trailers in Orange County
We buy Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Fifth Wheels in Southern California.

Travel trailers are typically pulled from your truck, with the simply ability to unhook them to leave at a camp site or temporary living location. There are so many travel trailers to choose from both new, and used in all sizes and price brackets. This makes them an excellent choice for your travel adventures.

Good options include travel trailers by Jayco, Forest River, Keystone, Coachmen, and of course Airstream.  

We provide same day Cash Offers for used RVs and Trailers, any condition, and any year. Our offers provide a no-obligation & no-hassle selling experience. We come to you, and handle all paperwork, while providing the best cash offers in SoCal*.
*We are a trusted RV Trader in Southern California, buying RVs, Motorhomes, and Trailers in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego County, and surrounding areas.

Toy Haulers

Sell Your Toy Hauler Trailer in Los Angeles County
2020 Sportsmen Classic 180TH by K. Z., Inc., a subsidiary of THOR Industries, Inc.

Toy haulers are made for transporting your ‘toys’ on your travel adventures, such as ATVs, or perhaps snowmobiles. Some may be bare bones trailers primarily for transporting your toys, with little room or luxury for anything else. Others have the usual travel trailer / camper conveniences, with an added garage style rear opening and some space for toys.

The toy-hauler trailer photograph shown above is the Sportsmen by KZ RV.

Fifth Wheels

Sell Your Fifth Wheel Trailer in Orange County
We buy Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Fifth Wheels in Southern California.

Fifth wheel trailers can get very big, and be like a small apartment on wheels. The large ones also get extremely heavy, requiring a heavy duty truck to tow them. Some manufacturers to look out for are, Jayco (their 2022 Pinnacle model weighs up to 14,925 lbs.), Gran Design RV (offering half-ton towable models), Crossroads RV, Highland Ridge, Keystone RV Company (known for luxury fifth wheel RVs).

Truck Campers

Image source: Lance Camper 2022 Truck Campers.

Truck campers are another more affordable choice for those on a more modest budget. They are mounted on the back of a pickup truck, with limited space and amenities when compared to larger RV options. Up to two people can happily camp and adventure with a truck camper. Some have additional pop-ups for extra space, while others may have a hard panel slide out.

The above image for the truck camper is from Lance Camper, who make a wide range of truck campers and travel trailers.

Tips To Sell An RV

Sell an RV hassle-free with A1 RV Buyer
Sell an RV hassle-free with a cash buyer.

Regardless of the mechanical condition of your RV,   some basic cleaning will help with showing it to prospective buyers. Realize that dealers have baked in profit margins, and high running costs, so they rarely if ever will offer you a fair price. This is true even when considering to trade your motorhome.

To learn how to get a fair valuation for your used RV (in Southern California) read our blog post, “What is My RV Worth & How to Sell It Quickly in Los Angeles.”

Posting online, and on vehicle trading websites such as RV Trader can be hit or miss. You may have to wait weeks or months, and be messed around with driving your vehicle long distances to show it, or have suspect people come to your house. Be cautious of low ball offers when listing your vehicle. Price it too high and it may never sell.

Our recommendation is to find a reputable and honest cash buyer. A good cash buyer such as A1 RV Buyer will come to you, and help with all the difficult details such as motor vehicle paperwork. You will get a good and fair prices, as they do not have the same running costs and profit margins of a dealership.

Sell your recreational vehicle to a top rated cash buyer should be hassle-free, and a fair exchange regardless of the age and condition of the vehicle. There is also absolutely no obligation to sell after getting your cash valuation.

If you live in Southern California and may be interested in seeing how much your RV is worth, then please contact us today on (562) 616-2636.

We buy used RVs, and Towable Trailers throughout Southern California, including these areas:

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  • Costa Mesa
  • Ventura
  • ..and all surrounding areas.


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